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Gaming and history, science and other stuff Real Life Stuff 
Links to (mostly) serious sites dealing with my interests: history, military, science...often related to gaming
History & Archaeology
History & Archaeology

Politics, Computing, TV series, films, books and what people think about them

Religion Politics SF and Fantasy Comics
DBM/DBA etc. 
 Hordes of the Things
Links to 'De Bellis Multitudinis' 
and related ancient, medieval and fantasy miniatures games
SF Games - GZG
Science Fiction miniatures games produced by Ground Zero Games :
Full Thrust, Dirtside, Stargrunt

Other Game-related links:

SF Games - others
 Other miniature games & clubs 
Hobby Suppliers
Fantasy Games
mostly wargames
 Other Games
Modelling and Miniatures painting

Other sites

References & Other Stuff References, News, web search tools, humour, in short:
Anything that doesn't fit the other categories, but which I found useful, interesting or amusing
My stuff elsewhere Articles by me on other websites
Friends Webpages of friends or such institutions as my old school
E-Groups mailing lists Obsolete, I must admit


All these links are to webpages I found interesting or amusing. This does not mean that I agree with everything said on those pages. In fact, on some there are political, ideological or factual statements with which I disagree.

I have usually added a short description of each website. The opinions expressed there reflect my own tastes and views. Feel free to have a different opinion.

As the web is a constantly changing environment, some links may no longer be up-to-date. On the tables with links, I have added columns with the dates at which I last visited the site and - as far as I am aware of it, the date when the page was last changed.

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